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Given the current global economic climate and the fact that so many IT Service Management professionals are struggling to secure their next contract or permanent position, we’ve created this page so that you may advertise yourself for free.  It’s on a first come, first served basis and BPH’s decision whether or not to post your details is entirely at BPH’s discretion.  No agencies please - only individuals may request to be listed.  To be listed, please use the Contact Form here sending a short paragraph about your experience, qualifications and a contact email/mobile phone number that will be published on here; please keep it short!  No CVs accepted.  Please note: it may not do you any favours if your email address is something like or etc; just a suggestion.
Wait!  Did you know that there are numerous under £10 and $15 ITIL books you can buy?  Visit our all ITIL books here and browse around - you may find that elusive information you need!
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